Saturday, 31 May 2014

ISTANBUL: Gezi Park Anniversary

31. May 2014. It is the Gezi Park anniversary and what a coincidence that I am in Istanbul, booked for the ICC to work as a presenter for Novartis. In the morning of the 31. May, Taksim square was empty and seemed very peaceful, but the later it got, the more police men came around the area and looked out for people who might cause trouble. 

A strange feeling I have to stay, walking down the streets and having those images of last year in my head. It made me feel uncomfortable and I did not want to feel like that, because I know that this city does not deserve it. It is too magical and beautiful to be feared of.

Some police men even just dressed up as normal passengers, some made themselves visible in their yellow vestes. My hotel was very close to Taksim, which made it impossible for me to get to my hotel after I finished work. I spent all evening with my friends, far away from this area and towards midnight, I called my hotel to ask if it is fine to come back. When I got the ok, we took a 'Dolmus' (small bus) and got to Taksim. We just saw one police firing some tear gas, but there was not much to see at all. It was much less than what had happened last year.

Let's talk about something nice, Turkish food. This is how I started my day, with a nice Borek, filled with Spinach and a Turkish black tea. Lovely!

This is one of the most delicious foods I have ever had, Çiğ Köfte. You can either get it with or without meat. I had it this one in a hidden place, Çiğ Köfteci Ali Usta in Eminönü.

Or this one here, named Çöp Şiş with Pilav and lovely grilled veggies. 

This is a dessert I have never tried before, Su Muhallebi. Very nice actually, although I do prefer a chocolate dessert!

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