Saturday, 26 August 2006

Deauville American Film Festival

The next weekend my friend and I decided to go to Deauville which is also in the North of France, famous for the American Film Festivals taking place at one of the posh cities of France.

Deauville has a very nice yacht, casino and many many beautiful hotels (e.g. Le Normandy Barrière) and villa. At the beach are in front of every changing room names of Hollywood celebrities who have been already there.

The city airs so much harmony. Every corner is beautiful. If you'll be there one day, you should definitely enjoy one of the delicious seafoods!

Saturday, 5 August 2006

One Day In Rouen

Rouen is a city with 108,569 inhabitants, situated in the North of France, close to the river Seine. I went by bus to Rouen with a friend, spending one day there. It was a long drive. Finally we arrived in Rouen. It was really cloudy, but didn't rain. The city is small, but beautiful. The cathedral of Rouen is one of the tourist features, as well as the L’aître Saint-Maclou and Rue du Gros Horloge with the famous watch. In the evening we went to a Mexican party with Mexican students. It was interesting to see how extrovert they are. A lot of self-made tapas and quesadillas had been waiting for us. In the night we went back to Evreux by bus, sleeping during the whole drive.