Sunday, 27 May 2012

BRIGHTON: A Day On The English Coast At Brighton

The weekend was unbelievably warm in London which is why we decided to go to Brighton for a day and do some sunbathing. It is just 45 minutes from Clapham Junction (£21), so a very quick ride and a destination for day-trippers from London. The actual city is very small, but nice with it’s unique cafes and vintage stores. You will also see a lot of walls with graffiti. New Road and Sydney Street is great for shopping. Gelato Gusto in Gardener Street has very good Italian ice cream. 

If you want to see some museums, I can recommend the Brighton Toy and Model museum and Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. Other than that, the Brighton Palace is very beautiful with its garden in front. If you walk down Queen’s Road you will arrive at the beach. 

The beach is very rocky and not ideal to lie down on. No one is actually going into the sea either as it is very very cold. You will see a burned west pier, also called i360, in the middle of the sea. It burnt down in 2003 but looks like it happened only recently. It feels like you need to eat fish and chips here as there are plenty of chains along the beach. The hotels along the beach are not particularly special, from my point of view, as they are quite simple to the ones abroad. 

Walking along the Marine Parade is very enjoyable as everyone is passing up and down and enjoying the beautiful view of the sea. You will also pass the amusement park on the pier and see the big Brighton wheel. On a sunny day it is definitely worth visiting!