Monday, 2 May 2011

Paris - Je T'Aime Encore

Finally I made it to Paris. I couldn't wait to see all my friends again. I always feel like home when I arrive in the magic city. It's not only because I've spent 3 months of my life close to Paris, but also the language is so harmonic, melodic and emotional.

I love the bakeries and "pâtisseries". The picture shows a nice French breakfast not far from the Opéra. Every time I am in Paris I love analysing the clothing habits of its citizens. It seems that the trend is moving toward a more and more Vintage look.

I love this style, as it is very unique and many of the clothes have a special story behind them. Paris is always so busy with tourists, so it's always difficult to get seats in cafés, and if you find a place, you almost have to sit on your neighbour's lap.

One of my favourite cafés was at the "Place Sainte Marthe". I didn't spend much time in the Paris nightlife; the only club I visited was the "Le Pompon" which is a nice club with a dancefloor downstairs. Time passed too quickly and I am looking forward to go back as soon as possible!