Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bird's Eye View Of Mondsee

For my new project I had to search for locations for our video production. I had the pleasure of flying over Salzburg and Mondsee by helicopter. It was my first flight in a helicopter, I was very scared, but the outstanding views calmed my nerves away.

Enjoying Flair Of Vienna

I visited the flea market in Vienna. My friends always recommended it, and I am so glad that I went. I love antiques and I was surrounded by beautiful pieces from all around the globe! Negotiating is allowed! Next we saw floods of people on the streets celebrating the International Dance Festival. We carried on towards the Bruno-Kreisky parc where we could put up our feet and relax on hammocks. In the evening I met my dance friend Sandra at Passage. It is a very classy club with models and beautiful people. I had a great time, even though the DJ stopped playing music at 3 a.m., so we were disappointed to leave so early.

Subway Station Afloat

One weekend I decided to go to Vienna. I arrived on Friday evening and went directly into the city, to the Karlsplatz and enjoyed the beauty of the city with two friends. In the evening we went to the Casino. Due to heavy rain, the subway station was submerged under one meter of water, so we had to get a taxi back home.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Culture Crash

I spent two weeks in Japan and Korea and they were worlds apart from anywhere else I have been. The culture and the people were so different, and here is my brief guide of what to expect:

1. Japan:
- Never say no, the Japanese society is very much a "yes" nation. You don't want to lose face and this is not accepted by the Japanese society!
- Tokyo is one of the safest cities I've ever seen. It is very common not to lock up your door. You can trust your neighbour in this country.
- Never give a tip at a restaurant or in a bar.
- If you ask a Japanese person for directions, he/she will show by accompanying you to your final destination.
- As a female business woman you must not wear a short skirt. Your skirt has to be lower than your knees. The conservative way is always the right way. Black is better than a white dress.
- Never look too deep in the eyes of another person, especially between a man and a woman.
- The door of a cab opens automatically.
- Never enter a house with your shoes on, you must wear slippers.
- Japanese apologize for quite everything.

- The breakfast includes heavy food like fish, rice, soup and fruits.
- Showing emotions in public is forbidden. Kissing on the streets and holding hands too.
- Most people own a bike instead of a car. The train system is very good.
- Girls dress up like dolls. Fancy and cheesy is the trend. Japanese love to wear different clothes other than  the conservative dress sense in business.
- The Japanese don't talk in the train. They love silence.
- White is beautiful.
- The Japanese can't party at all. They prefer Karaoke with close friends.

2. Korea
- Cabs are very cheap, but you have to be careful of the price. They will try to let you pay more than a local. They usually jump red lights.
- It's very difficult to find someone who can speak English.
- Korean food is very spicy.
- Koreans are less conservative than the Japanese.
- They don't like silence and are upfront to others.
- White is beautiful.
- Karaoke is the trend in Korea. They also like to dance.
- They like eating dry fish instead of potato chips.

- You'll find in Korea different meals than in Japan. A lot of the food are insects!