Friday, 12 February 2010

Jönköping And Stockholm

Two weeks of my studies took place in Jönköping, a small city in Sweden. The business school was really nice, but the lectures had been less interesting. During the week nothing much happened in the small city, that's why I decided to visit some friends in Stockholm. It was a 4 hours drive by train. My friend just picked me up and we went to a Swedish lunch. In the evening we went out close to the train station. The Swedish people start partying really early, even at 8 pm and finish early. I recognized that girls are more flirty than the guys, but all in all it's very difficult to get in touch with Swedish people, they don't seem to be very open for new people. The alcohol consumption is in general very high. The clothing style is like in France, guys love tight jeans and a more feminine style. A big advantage is that Swedish people can talk very good english because they watch movies in English, but Swedish subtitle. This makes the communication really easy.

Snus is dry tabac and very popular in Sweden. You place it under the lip and let it sink in.