Thursday, 21 November 2013

MANCHESTER: The City Where Rockstars Are Born

Some big stars such as Oasis, Take That, The Smiths and The Bee Gees are from Manchester, the sixth largest city in the UK. A good reason to come over here and check out the atmosphere. Get an impression of this beautiful city with the following pictures:

I spoke to a few locals and I really managed to understand them, even though I was struggling now and again. One of the first questions here seem to be, which football team do you support: Manchester United or Manchester City? Well, I am not really into football. Could we please talk about something else? ;)

The first time I came here was for the BBC's "Blue Peter New Presenter" casting. They only invited 30 people to their studio, that's why I was well excited to be there! Still cannot believe that I was chosen from 20,000 applicants and as the only foreigner.

The BBC is based in Salford and you can only get there by tram. My first experience was that they are not very reliable. Sometimes they just stop or do not come on time, how they are supposed to!

What I also liked about Manchester is that they have so many great vintage shops! I got this lovely fur jacket from there. Love it!

Friday, 15 November 2013


Finally I also made it to Scotland! That is probably the most far up North on the globe, I have ever been in my life! And yes, it is beautiful up here.

So much nature, people are so open and the accent is very funny. Some Scott's I spoke to, I could not understand at all!

We did some hillwalking up to the Arthur's Seat, it was a nice workout to get up there, but as soon as we arrived on the hill, it was really hard to keep up with the wind, see here:

And yes, I also tried the traditional Scottish dish, Haggis, which is a savoury pudding, made of sheep's heart, liver and lungs. Sounds pretty awful, but is not too bad, as it is nicely spiced with pepper.
The night out in Scotland was insane! Most pubs closed at 11pm and everyone was just rushing down their drinks. I haven't seen so many drunk people so early on the streets as in Scotland, not matter which gender!