Sunday, 28 September 2008

My Adventurous Life In Barcelona

I called a friend of mine to tell them that I was coming to Barcelona. He helped me find a guesthouse for the weekend and a school to learn Spanish. I subscribed to one of the intensive courses and started learning immediately.
I was so excited because it had always been my dream to learn Spanish. Students from everywhere had been there, all for the same reason: Learning Spanish and having fun!

I spent all my earnings on the course. I stayed for two weeks in a flat share with a Norwegian, Dutch and Swedish girl. Next I lived with two Chinese people in a flat and my last two weeks I lived in a guest house with three guys from Marseille and a concierge of Mexico. I met so many people from different countries and this made my time so exciting. It was so easy connecting to people and making new friends. Everyone had been so open-minded. I really enjoyed it. After almost one week I could communicate in Spanish and understand people, although in Barcelona they speak Catalan, which is different.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Like A Bird In A Cage

As the days passed I felt like a bird in a cage. The whole system was full of rules. There wasn’t any flexibility. As presenter I wasn’t even allowed to eat with the passengers and chat with them. On the other hand it was quite interesting to observe people living there for a minimum of half a year, without seeing their families or even sun light. Even though I loved my job, I couldn’t deal with the whole situation on the ship. I always got sea sick, my body didn’t feel good and I was constantly freezing because of the over acclimatisation. The lack of contact to passengers made me feel imprisoned and this is why I decided to leave the ship as soon as possible. No sooner said than done, I decided to leave the ship in Barcelona.