Thursday, 28 August 2008

How Is Life On A Cruise Ship?

After one week of security preparation I flew to Palma de Mallorca to enter the ship AIDA DIVA. The ship toured Palma de Mallorca – Barcelona – Marseille – Civitavecchia – Naples. Everything went so fast I can’t remember everything.
My first impressions of the cruise ship were that it was massive and incredibly high. When I walked inside I started thinking about the sinking of the Titanic.
I got quite scared and didn’t feel well.
The first week I had to participate in security training so that in emergencies the crew knew what to do and how to react.
Every Saturday the security training involved the passengers too.

Unfortunately the passengers were predominantly German, so didn’t get a great chance to use the various languages I had learnt. My job was exciting; I was a show presenter, announcing all the shows that took place in the evenings.
I always was in close contact with the artists. I also moderated games and morning shows.
I loved my job, because I love being on stage and entertaining people, making them laugh.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Next Mission: Rostock

Rostock is in the North of Germany and is mostly visited by Germans on their holidays.

My reason for going there wasn't as a holiday, but as preparation for my new job on the Cruise Ship AIDA. We had one week of preparation including theoretical and practical exercises.

During this week we slept in a little ship to get used to the surroundings and the limited space in a ship. The theory part wasn't as exciting as the practical part.

 I loved the part where we had to get into fire fighters outfits and practice an emergency situation, in which we were locked in a room and had to extinguish a sudden outbreak of fire in different areas of the room.

The next task was to simulate a sinking ship. Everyone had to get into orange outfits, which allowed everyone to stay on the surface of the water.

I enjoyed the week with the whole team and was excited and well prepared to work on the big ship one week later!