Thursday, 26 September 2013

Munich: Prost!

Germany's most biggest beer festival (and probably the world's largest fair), the Oktoberfest is great fun, as you meet loads of people from around the world. You sing, dance and drink together with strangers, but in that moment no one seems to care, everyone just wants to have a great time!
The event goes on for 16 days and the second weekend is usually an Italian weekend, as most Italians come over to Munich for the Oktoberfest.
Trust me, Germans can figure this out, as Italians generally get drunk very quickly.
Here are the lyrics for the most played song on the Oktoberfest, "Ein Prosit".

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

GREECE: Atatürk Museum

Having spent six days in a quiet place like Afytos, I felt like going back to a vibrant city, the closest was Thessaloniki. It's a very pretty city with a few sights, like the white tower, the Hagia Sophia church and more importantly the Atatürk Museum.

The first president of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was born in today's Thessaloniki and there is a museum documenting his life.

Having seen Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Madame Tussauds, I find that the one here looks more real than the one in London. They also told me that the production of this figure was more expensive with better use of material.

Me and the legend!
Isn't he handsome? ;)

Sunday, 8 September 2013

GREECE: Greek Cuisine On The Test

Afytos might be small, but after the third day you realise that the food is similar in every restaurant. There are probably around 10 restaurants and all you get is the same food everywhere. I am not complaining that it is not tasty, I just wished to have different variations now and again. 

What I really liked was the baked feta cheese and the delicious, juicy, green olives. 

One of the must-tries is also sardine fish and the chicken stew, Souvlaki. My Greek friend told me that on every Greek table, an octopus is a must. The more sand on it, the more likely it is fresh, they say, but I'm not so sure. Also, they love spending hours and hours at the table and sharing different dish together. Ouzo is not necessarily a must on the table, but it goes nicely with the fish and makes you eat more. For beginners I would suggest mixing Ouzo with water to make it less strong. 

When you ask for the bill, it might be possible to wait for more than half an hour until the waiters come back. Not sure why that is or if they do not even want us to pay. As a little gift, they usually offer a dessert from the house for free.

I also realised that it is very difficult to find chicken Gyros, but we were lucky and found two places in a week where they had a Greek kebab. 

I had seen so many Greeks drinking a type of coffee with three layers, so I tried one as well. It was okay, but did not beat our Turkish mocha, I'm sorry!

Friday, 6 September 2013

GREECE: Quiet Holidays

I have not been to Greece before and, especially being Turkish, you should definitely go there once in your life, even just to confirm that our country is more gorgeous and our cuisine much more varied and amazing than the Greeks!

Having arrived in Thessaloniki airport, the first thing I realised was that Greeks are as cheeky as the Turks. It started with the taxi ride from the airport to the bus terminal. He literally tried to convince us to drive us all the way from Thessaloniki to Afytos, which is a 1.5 hour drive. His arguments were hilarious, such as "it's much more comfortable in the taxi", "you have to pay more for the bus" etc. All of it was nonsense. The bus ride was much much less and at the same time very comfortable.
At the end he charged us an extra amount of money, just because he had to put our luggage in the boot!

Having arrived in Afytos, we realised how small this part was! There were hardly any people and if you saw any, they were Germans! That's why most of the waiters could speak either Greek or German, hardly any English.

Probably not the cleanest part of the beach, but still enjoyable ;) !