Thursday, 20 August 2009

Istanbul Is Magical

The city Istanbul is not without reason one of the most popular cities in the world. It's magical, busy, dynamic, spirited and beautiful, with the Asian and European sites and the Bosporus river, which you can cross by ferry while the sun is setting, enjoying the wind blowing across your face.

 People from all over the world are living there. In the evening the streets are always packed, restaurants crowded, but this is what makes the city special. People show that they are living and enjoying life.

Of course I did some classic sightseeing and visited all the mosques including the blue mosque, Süleymaniye, Sultan-Ahmed and went to the Beylerbeyi Palace, Taksim Square, Kapali Carsi (Grand Bazar), Gülhane Parc.

The nightlife is crazy. One of my favourite clubs is the bar 360. I decided to get more experience in journalism and did an internship at the Dogan Haber Ajans for two months and wrote daily articles.