Friday, 15 November 2013


Finally I also made it to Scotland! That is probably the most far up North on the globe, I have ever been in my life! And yes, it is beautiful up here.

So much nature, people are so open and the accent is very funny. Some Scott's I spoke to, I could not understand at all!

We did some hillwalking up to the Arthur's Seat, it was a nice workout to get up there, but as soon as we arrived on the hill, it was really hard to keep up with the wind, see here:

And yes, I also tried the traditional Scottish dish, Haggis, which is a savoury pudding, made of sheep's heart, liver and lungs. Sounds pretty awful, but is not too bad, as it is nicely spiced with pepper.
The night out in Scotland was insane! Most pubs closed at 11pm and everyone was just rushing down their drinks. I haven't seen so many drunk people so early on the streets as in Scotland, not matter which gender!

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